If you are considering breeding your pet, you will need to know lots of information first. We don't recommend breeding because they are already lots of cavies looking for homes and we don't need to bring more into the world right now. Breeding could also be potentially dangerous to the cavy, especially if it's done with an unexperienced breeder. If you have your mind set on breeding, however please take time to read up on how it should be done.

Introducing your cavies

You need to make sure that both your male and female cavies are healthy and able to breed. It is not a good idea to breed cavies that you got from the pet store, because you have no idea about their genetic background, and they may have health problems that you don't know about. The best thing you can do is go to a good breeder and get a pair of cavies from them. When you introduce your cavies, make sure that you can supervise them incase any fighting goes on. The female might be territorial at first, but they will usually get used to each other soon.